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PANIC EXIT DEVICE is mainly used to protect emergency exits, shipping and receiving doors, security doors, internal access doors, etc. It has been widely used in airports with emergency exits, public transportation systems, banks, securities, command centers, hospitals, supermarkets, commercial office buildings, hotels, large shopping malls, municipal buildings, and government agencies, etc. So what are the installation and fixing instructions for PANIC EXIT DEVICE? Let's take a look at it next.

Here is the content list:


  • Fixed instructions


1. Before installing the exit device on the door, the door should be inspected to ensure that it is properly hung and not restrained. For example, it is not recommended to install an outlet on a hollow door unless the manufacturer has designed it specifically for this type of door. It is recommended to verify that the door structure allows the use of the device, i.e. verify that offset hinges and engaging door leaves allow both doors leaves to open at the same time or verify that the gap between the door leaves and the outlet device manufacturer, or verify that operating elements do not interfere, etc. Emergency exit devices manufactured by this European Standard will provide a high degree of security and reasonable security provided they are installed on doors and door frames in good condition.

2. Before installing the PANIC EXIT DEVICE to a fire/smoke door, the fire certification should be checked to ensure that the emergency exit device is suitable for that particular door assembly.

3. Care should be taken to ensure that any seals or weatherstrips installed on the entire door assembly do not interfere with the proper operation of the PANIC EXIT DEVICE.

4. On double door groups with kickback conference door frames, and both door leaves are equipped with emergency exit devices, it must be checked that either door leaves will open when the emergency exit device is activated and that when two PANIC EXIT DEVICE Each door leaf can be opened freely at the same time. This application may require the use of a carrying rod to move the movable leaf.

5. If PANIC EXIT DEVICE is manufactured in more than one size, it is important to choose the correct size.

6. Category 2 (standard projection) emergency exit devices should be used in situations where the escape width is limited or the door on which the emergency exit device is installed cannot be opened more than 90°.

7. If the PANIC EXIT DEVICE is designed to be installed on a glass door, the glass must be tempered glass or laminated glass.

8. Installation of emergency exits on wooden, metal, or frameless glass doors may require different securing methods. For a more secure fix, male and female through door bolts can be used.

9. Unless specifically designed by the manufacturer, emergency exit devices do not apply to double-action (double-swing) doors.

Fixed instructions

1. The PANIC EXIT DEVICE installer shall pass these instructions and any maintenance instructions to the user.

2. When the door is in a fixed position, the horizontal bar should normally be installed at a height of 900mm to 1,100mm above the finished floor. If it is known that the majority of the occupants of the premises will be young children, consideration should be given to lowering the height of the bar.

3. Horizontal bars should be installed to provide maximum effective length.

4. Bolt heads and retainers shall be installed to provide a secure engagement. Care should be taken to ensure that the projection of the bolt head does not prevent the door from swinging freely in the retracted position.

5. If PANIC EXIT DEVICE is to be installed on a double door set with a kickback meeting door frame and automatic closing device, a compliance coordinating device should be installed to ensure the correct closing sequence of the doors, this recommendation is especially important for fire/smoke door assemblies.

6. Devices for securing the door in the closed position shall not be installed other than those specified in this European Standard. This does not preclude the installation of self-closing devices.

7. If the door closing device is to be used to return the door to the closed position, care should be taken not to interfere with the use of the doorway by the young, the elderly, and the infirm.

8. Any provided retainer or protective plate shall be installed to ensure that the PANIC EXIT DEVICE complies with this European Standard.

9. A "Push Bar Open" sign or pictogram shall be provided on the interior surface of the door above the crossbar, and shall be provided on the crossbar if it is sufficiently flat to accommodate the desired font size. The color of the pictogram shall be white on a green background and it shall be designed so that the arrow points to the operating element when installed.

The above is the relevant content about the installation and fixing instructions of PANIC EXIT DEVICE, if you are interested in PANIC PUSH BAR, PANIC EXIT DEVICE, you can contact us, our website is

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