Installation steps for FIRE EXIT BAR
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Installation steps for FIRE EXIT BAR

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Installation steps for FIRE EXIT BAR

An exit device (also referred to as a panic device, panic hardware, panic bolt, and crash bar) is hardware that is installed on a door that keeps it locked from the outside while allowing people on the inside to exit without unlocking it. Next, let's take a look at the installation steps of the FIRE EXIT BAR.

Here is the content list:

  • Installation steps for the horizontal single-opening PANIC EXIT DEVICE

  • The installation steps of PANIC EXIT DEVICE of Tiandi push rod

Installation steps for the horizontal single-opening PANIC EXIT DEVICE

1. Measure the width of the fire door, if the lock is longer than the width of the door, you need to cut the PANIC EXIT DEVICE short.

2. PANIC EXIT DEVICE is usually installed at a height of about 1-1.1 meters above the floor. Measure and mark it well.

3. If you need to install the lock cylinder, measure the location of the hole for the lock cylinder. General FIRE EXIT DEVICE hole center point is 49mm from the door edge. Use a 35mm hole cutter and punch through the door panel. The lock core from the outside of the door into the open door hole, the inside of the set of screws to fix the piece, tighten the screws to fix the lock core.

4. FIRE EXIT DEVICE lock body head cover, tail cover screw removal, the lock body of the lock cylinder is just installed in the door hole set up, the screw hole well marked. Installation points: first 1 screw to fix the lock body on the door plate, and then twist the key is flexible, such as twisting effort, the need to fine-tune the position of the lock, adjust to the appropriate position and then tighten all the screws.

5. Install the FIRE EXIT DEVICE tail cover, first install the screw fixing piece, and then put the tail cover on. Install the head cover, and align it with the screw position to install.

6. Twist the rotary button, test the FIRE EXIT DEVICE latch is flexible, and then twist the key to test it. Installation points: sometimes because the head cover side of the screw on too tight, the head cover will be pressed to the latch, and the pressure to the side of the screw a little loose on the OK. Such as fire doors originally installed pull handle with latch, with screws to block the latch to prevent it from working.

The installation steps of PANIC EXIT DEVICE of Tiandi push rod

1. to install the single open lock as a reference, measure the installation height of the FIRE EXIT DEVICE, make the screw hole mark, and fix the head of the lock body with self-tapping screws.

2. Install the door and floor rod. Measure the size of the rod interface from the edge of the door, according to the measured size, determine the location of the upper locking gear, and similarly determine the location of the lower locking gear.

3. Then install the FIRE EXIT DEVICE locking gear fastener above the door frame, first on the left and right two screws, do not tighten. Install the locking gear body.

4. Measure the length of the rod, if the rod is too long needs to be cut short. Cut short after the need to re-punch small holes. Because it is difficult to punch a hole in the round stainless steel rod, a quick way is to directly use the cutter to grind the upper and lower sides of the rod, PANIC EXIT DEVICE hole is too large, not good-looking does not matter.

5. Install the rod, there is a nut on the end of the PANIC EXIT DEVICE lock gear. Twist upward until the open end can be set on the interface of the lock body, and then twist downward, the hole with the hole on. The pin through the hole, using pliers to break the bend.

6. To this point, in a closed door, the upper locking gear can hold the door, you need to push the lever of the lock body to open the door. If the upper locking gear does not hold the door, check two key points.

1) PANIC EXIT DEVICE lock gear body and fasteners to match, such as pressing too tight and adjusting the fasteners before and after.

2) whether the upper rod is twisted too high to the top, the rod down to twist a little lower, the same for the lower locking gear, in the lower locking gear corresponding to the ground, using an impact drill to punch a hole of about 6 mm in diameter for the latch inserted into the hole, PANIC EXIT DEVICE locking gear cover and lock body head cover tail cover installation is complete.

The above is about the installation steps of FIRE EXIT BAR, if you are interested in FIRE EXIT BAR, PANIC EXIT DEVICE, you can contact us, our website is

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