Installation and Tips for PANIC BARs
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Installation and Tips for PANIC BARs

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Installation and Tips for PANIC BARs

PANIC BARs sometimes referred to as push bars or crash bars, are typically fitted with a bolt or latch and are designed for applications where the final exit or fire exit doors are to be used by members of the public that have no prior knowledge of the building or device, and where a panic situation could occur in the event of an emergency. Suitable for a range of door types, PANIC BARs are designed to ensure an easy escape from a building should a quick exit be necessary. Suitable for a range of door types, PANIC BARs are designed to ensure an easy escape from a building should a quick exit is necessary, and can be combined with an outside access device to restrict entry from outside.

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Measure the width of the door. For the PANIC BAR, you will need the dimension from the face of the door stop (the projection of the door frame) to the edge of the door where the lock is located. The emergency bar should be approximately 1.5 inches shorter than this distance to provide operating clearance.

2. Choose your equipment carefully. Most PANIC BARs are 3 feet or 4 feet in length. Most can be cut to fit the door, but this depends on the design of the exit device. The touch panel or bar of the device must be at least half the total width of the door to meet most fire safety and emergency exit codes.

3. Select the feature and trim. The PANIC BAR may have an exit-only feature, which means it has no exterior trim available for entering the building. Others may have a cylinder with a key on the exterior, as well as a pull handle or lever trim.

4. Determine what type of PANIC BAR you need. This decision is based on the top of the door and frame you are using, as well as the trim and functional requirements of your exit device. Typically, when ordering these devices, you have the option of selecting the correct PANIC BAR for the job.

5. Remove the locking templates from the package and secure them to the door. There will also be a PANIC BAR template that should be installed on the frame. These templates will indicate where the unit is to be mounted and where the holes and fasteners are to be drilled.

6. If the PANIC BAR is applicable, cut a hole in the door to accommodate the cylinder of the device. This hole is not required for the exit function only. If you are working on a metal door, use a hole saw to make this hole, or use a bi-metal hole saw.

7. Pre-drill the holes in the door and frame to install the fasteners. For metal or solid wood doors, regular screws can be used to secure the security bars in place. These screws are supplied with the unit. If you have a fireproof mineral core door, or a door with a particle core, you will need to use penetration bolts rather than screws to securely fasten the emergency bar to the door. These bolts are usually provided as an option with most PANIC EXIT DEVICE.

8. Place the PANIC BAR on the door and secure it in place with screws or through bolts. Add the end caps to either end and secure them with the screws provided. Some end caps will slide without screws.

9. Install any exterior trim or cylinders through the front of the door. Slide the end of the cylinder through the slot in the exit device and align any linkage you see. Screw the trim into place from the inside of the door using the fasteners provided.

10. Secure the PANIC BAR to the frame and test the PANIC BAR to ensure it is working properly. Place wooden spacers behind the impact as needed to bring it closer to the latch on the emergency bar. These units have fairly low tolerance, so you may need to adjust the strike a few times to get it to work properly.


Take extra care when ordering PANIC BARs for fire doors. The device itself must have the same fire rating as the door and must carry a label indicating its fire rating. You must order the PANIC BAR in the exact size you need, as cutting into the fire-rated device will invalidate its rating, and you must also ask the door frame manufacturer to prepare the frame to receive this device.

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