PANIC EXIT DEVICE design and production points
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PANIC EXIT DEVICE design and production points

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PANIC EXIT DEVICE design and production points

With the continuous development of the times, hotels, shopping malls, theaters, dance halls, and other public places are increasing, and fire accidents also occur frequently. Due to a large number of people and miscellaneous people in such places, considering the security requirements, the phenomenon of locking and closing is very serious, and the evacuation channels are often blocked by people, making it difficult to escape when a fire accident occurs, causing serious casualties. In addition, a fire in the student dormitory of the school is relatively high, and reports of a fire in the family house can be seen in various media almost every day. In the event of a fire or an earthquake and other sudden disasters, the escape is not as good as causing personal casualties. Most of the accidents are because the escape channel is blocked. However, the most important escape channel is the door. During the emergency escape, if the door is locked, it takes a certain amount of time to unlock, or when the key cannot be found immediately to open the lock, and the lock is damaged, it is impossible to "break the door" to escape in time. Therefore, the ability to escape in time often depends on whether the door lock can be opened most simply and easily in the shortest time. Therefore, PANIC EXIT DEVICE must exist, so what are the main points of PANIC EXIT DEVICE design and production? Let's see together.

The following is a list of contents:

l Master lock design

l Security and anti-theft design


Master lock design

When making PANIC EXIT DEVICE, first cut off a small part of the door where the lock body door was originally installed, and then make this part into two components, one large and one small. There is a door lock on the large component, which is a moving block. Turn, to turn the block. The large and small components are connected by hinges. There are slideways on both sides of the large components, which cooperate with the door frame rails to reduce the sliding resistance of the large components. Two springs are also installed at the bottom of the large member, one end is connected with the large member, and the other end is connected with the frame (door frame). When unlocked, the PANIC EXIT DEVICE spring tension makes the large components move quickly. The small member takes the hinge connection point as the axis and can rotate around the large member to realize the unlocking movement. Two rolling bearings are also installed on the small component to increase the contact between the small component and the door from sliding friction to rolling friction when the small component rotates so that the resistance of the unlocking movement is reduced. A handle is attached to the small component for unlocking.

Security and anti-theft design

The small components are equipped with magnets, which can make the swivel block and the door surface firmly adsorbed to prevent the door lock from loosening when subjected to large vibrations, and secondly, a certain force needs to be applied when pulling the swivel block. At the same time, an alarm host and a small alarm bar are installed on the door frame lock and the lock installation block respectively. When the PANIC EXIT DEVICE is used in an escape way, an alarm sound will be issued. These measures can prevent children from home and middle school from unlocking and playing at will solve the problem of insecurity. The inner and outer surfaces of the door are nailed with metal plates to solve the problem of burglar-proof doors.

The above is the relevant content about the design and production of PANIC EXIT DEVICE. If you are interested in PANIC CROSS BAR, PANIC TOUCH BAR, or FIRE EXIT DEVICE, you can contact us. Our website is

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