PANIC CROSS BAR's application scope and function adjustment
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PANIC CROSS BAR's application scope and function adjustment

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PANIC CROSS BAR's application scope and function adjustment

In recent years, the fire department has had extremely high requirements for the safety of fire escapes in shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, etc. The new fire safety laws and regulations require public places to be equipped with PANIC CROSS BAR. So what is the scope of application and function regulation of PANIC CROSS BAR? Let's take a look together.

Here is the content list:

  • Application range

  • The functions of PANIC CROSS BAR and how to adjust them correctly

Application range

PANIC CROSS BAR is mainly installed on the fire doors of fire escapes, the lock body has a push bar opening device, and when a fire occurs, the door lock can be opened by simply pushing (pressing) the opening bar with the hand or any part of the body, it has the function of preventing outsiders from entering the interior without permission and allowing the interior personnel to go out freely in case of emergency, a high decibel alarm will be sounded when using without permission, and PANIC CROSS BAR is suitable for use on standard RHR or LHR hollow metal doors and wooden doors with a thickness of 44mm, and can be specified when placing an order in addition to the standard thickness.

The functions of PANIC CROSS BAR and how to adjust them correctly

Almost all PANIC CROSS BARs have adjustable functions on two levels: closing speed and latching speed. The closing speed is adjusted according to the hardness of the latch to lock the movable door without unnecessary impact on the door frame. The full adjustment of the closing speed is independent of the latching speed.

Opening damping is a very important feature for exterior doors of buildings. Because PANIC CROSS BAR should not only prevent the movable fan from over-opening due to the large thrust of people but more importantly, prevent the movable fan from over-opening if it encounters strong winds that will cause damage to the door body when it opens on behalf of the door.

Hysteresis closing is a special feature designed to make the movable fan stay in the open position for some time and then close the door, this feature is very important on the occasion for children and the elderly through.

The adjustable closing force is the hallmark of PANIC CROSS BAR, which allows precise adjustment of the closing force level. The closing force is usually specific to a particular model of door closer, but sometimes the closing force can vary. For example, in the winter when the wind is strong, exterior doors may require a higher closing force, while in the summer when the wind is low, a lower closing force may be required, making it easier for a person to open the movable fan. The movable fan stop opening is also an important function, but special devices such as fire doors can never be set to stop opening function. the adjustment of PANIC CROSS BAR function, some through the control valve of the oil circuit, some through the accessories to achieve, some are preset and can not be changed, need to be determined according to the manufacturer's instructions.

The above is about the application scope and function adjustment of PANIC CROSS BAR, if you are interested in PANIC CROSS BAR, PANIC EXIT DEVICE, you can contact us, our website is

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