Knowledge and maintenance of PANIC EXIT DEVICE
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Knowledge and maintenance of PANIC EXIT DEVICE

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Knowledge and maintenance of PANIC EXIT DEVICE

PANIC EXIT DEVICE, that is, fire escape lock, also known as push lock, alarm escape lock, fire lock, escape lock. It is mainly used to protect emergency exits, shipping and receiving doors, security doors, internal access doors, etc. It has been widely used in airports with emergency exits, public transportation systems, banks, securities, command centers, hospitals, supermarkets, and commercial offices. Buildings, hotels, large shopping malls, municipal buildings, government agencies, etc. Play the dual role of fire and security. Escape lock and fire lock are two different names for a product, and there is no difference. Of course, it is not enough to know the above knowledge of PANIC EXIT DEVICE. Because from the perspective of fire safety knowledge, you have to know what it is and why it is. You cannot know the function of firelocks. The following knowledge is about this aspect.

Here is the content list:

  • Related information

  • Maintenance Instructions

Related information

①The door lock can be opened only by the user's hand or any part of the body pushing (pressing) the opening lever;

②The front of the opening bar is printed with a light-storing self-luminous display sign. Even if the building is powered off, it can still guide the personnel to find the exact location of the escape door lock, and then escape:

PANIC EXIT DEVICE has the function of automatic locking after each door is closed: it not only effectively prevents the unqualified personnel from entering the building from the escape passage, but also ensures that the people in the building can easily enter the escape passage, thus improving and guaranteeing the building safety and escape functions.

④User-set "channel management" function: To facilitate the different requirements of unified management of the building, this product can be set by the administrator to the normally open (channel) state or the normally locked state with special tools - push the push rod door lock to start lever, turn the inner lock head counterclockwise with the special tool attached to the product to lock the lock tongue of the PANIC EXIT DEVICE in the normally open state (the lock tongue is retracted); turn the inner lock head clockwise to reset the lock tongue to form a normally locked state. Due to the reasonable structure of the product itself, the above settings do not need to worry about the misoperation or intentional behavior of non-managers.

Maintenance Instructions

To ensure performance in compliance with this document, the following routine maintenance checks should be performed at intervals not exceeding one month (or the manufacturer's recommended period):

a) Check and operate the PANIC EXIT DEVICE to ensure that all components are in satisfactory working condition; using a dynamometer, measure and record the operating force to release the outlet device.

b) Make sure that the PANIC EXIT DEVICE goalkeeper is clear.

c) Check that the PANIC EXIT DEVICE is lubricated according to the manufacturer's instructions.

d) Check that no additional locking devices have been added to the door since its initial installation.

e) Periodically check that all components of the system are still correct and by the list of approved components originally provided with the system.

f) Periodically check that the operating elements are properly tightened and use a dynamometer to measure the operating force to release the outlet device. Check that the operating force has not changed significantly from the operating force recorded at the initial installation.

The above is about the relevant knowledge and maintenance of PANIC EXIT DEVICE. If you are interested in PANIC EXIT DEVICE, you can contact us. Our website is

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