Introduction to PANIC EXIT DEVICE
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Introduction to PANIC EXIT DEVICE

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Introduction to PANIC EXIT DEVICE

PANIC EXIT DEVICE is additionally called a fire escape lock. As the name suggests, it's a lock that can safely escape at the fire escape safety exit in an emergency. At the identical time has the function of security. There are two types within the world: the American standard push lever type and the European standard down pressure type. Regular manufacturers will have fire inspection reports. Next, let's take a glance at the relevant introduction of PANIC EXIT DEVICE.

Here is the content list:

  • Introduce

  • Working principle


PANIC EXIT DEVICE started from a patent registered by the Americans within the early 20th century. It's different from the traditional push rod lock, and it achieves the buffering effect by throttling the liquid within the automatic escape device. The core of the planning idea of PANIC EXIT DEVICE is to control the door closing process so that various functional indicators of the door closing process can be adjusted according to people's needs. The importance of PANIC EXIT DEVICE is not only to automatically close the door, but also to guard the door frame and door body (smooth closing), and more importantly, the PANIC EXIT DEVICE has become a non-negligible executive a part of modern building intelligence and management.

PANIC EXIT DEVICE is especially used in commercial and public buildings, but also homes. They need many uses, chief among them being to permit doors to close on their own, to limit the spread of fireside, and to ventilate the building.

Working principle

The basic components of PANIC EXIT DEVICE are support guide, transmission gear, return spring, one-way valve, rack plunger, accelerator core and housing, end cover, sealing ring, and rod. The housing and therefore the connecting rod play the role of fixing the door closer and connecting the door leaf and the door frame.

The working rule of PANIC EXIT DEVICE is: when the door is opened, the door body drives the rod to move, makes the transmission gear rotate, and drives the rack plunger to maneuver to the right. During the proper movement of the plunger, the spring is compressed, and therefore the hydraulic oil in the right chamber is also compressed. The one-way valve ball on the left side of the plunger is opened under the action of pressure, and therefore the hydraulic oil in the right cavity flows into the left cavity through the one-way valve. When the door opening process is completed, since the spring is compressed during the opening process, the accumulated elastic P.E. is released, and therefore the plunger is pushed to the left to drive the transmission gear and the door closer connecting rod to rotate, so that the door is closed.

During the spring release process, because the hydraulic oil within the left chamber of PANIC EXIT DEVICE is compressed, the one-way valve is closed, and therefore the hydraulic oil can only flow out through the gap between the casing and the plunger, and thru the small hole on the plunger and the flow passage equipped with the throttle, spool returns to the proper chamber. Therefore, the hydraulic oil constitutes a resistance to the discharge of the spring, that is, the buffering effect is achieved through throttling, and therefore the speed of the door closing is controlled. The accelerator on the valve body can be adjusted to control the variable closing speed of different stroke sections. Although the structure and size of PANIC EXIT DEVICE produced by different manufacturers are different, the principle is the same.

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