Introduction of EXIT DEVICE
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Introduction of EXIT DEVICE

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Introduction of EXIT DEVICE

EXIT DEVICE is a kind of lock used on the emergency exit doors of supermarkets, large shopping malls, hospitals, schools, etc. It has the function of preventing outsiders from entering the interior without permission and allowing the insiders to go out freely in an emergency. When it is licensed for use, it will emit a high-decibel voice alarm, and it can only be stopped and resumed with the correct key. The safety of fire escapes in schools, hospitals, and other places have extremely high requirements. Next, let's take a look at the related introduction of EXIT DEVICE.

Here is the content list:

  • New EXIT DEVICE usage features

  • Channel lock

New EXIT DEVICE usage feature

1. EXIT DEVICE can be installed on various occasions and various forms of emergency exit outward opening evacuation doors to meet the needs of various evacuation doors;

2. In various emergencies, it can use the instinctive actions of people to open the evacuation door that is usually closed and escape quickly;

3. It can avoid the danger of people being unable to escape due to the inability to open the evacuation door at night, smoke, or chaos;

4. In an emergency, EXIT DEVICE can play the role of alarm and escape guidance through sound, light, and voice;

5. It can meet the fire resistance limit requirements of Class A fire doors;

6. Under normal circumstances, it can play the role of restricting passage, anti-theft or anti-theft alarm, and to a certain extent, it solves the contradiction between the different requirements of fire protection and security for evacuation doors;

7. In the case of combined use with automatic fire protection, security, or access control systems, a variety of EXIT DEVICE automatic door lock systems can be designed to meet the needs of different users.

Channel lock

1. Beautiful appearance, strong and durable construction (greatly reduced maintenance), EXIT DEVICE with push rod, reasonable price.

2. The emergency evacuation access door does not need to be locked or opened, which can prevent theft and can enter and exit freely. It provides 24-hour security protection every day.

3. EXIT DEVICE is suitable for any emergency access door, safety exit door, fire door, escape door, or fire exit door.

4. It is suitable for controlling the flow of people, preventing unauthorized departure, and preventing theft so that the building can meet the building's legal requirements for emergency exit access devices.

5. When the door is pushed to open, the siren will sound until it is canceled manually. When the access control lever is opened, the EXIT DEVICE can be pushed open without alarming. When the channel lock is illegally opened, it can provide a signal to the access control system and issue an alarm (the alarm sound can reach 100 decibels).

6. Can be used with other security equipment.

7. The corresponding alarm voice prompt can be issued according to the corresponding alarm button.

8. EXIT DEVICE can choose to connect the following according to their own choice: double door device, access control, alarm controller, smoke detector, magnetic lock, voice alarm, etc.

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