Introduction and scope of use of PANIC EXIT DEVICE
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Introduction and scope of use of PANIC EXIT DEVICE

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Introduction and scope of use of PANIC EXIT DEVICE

PANIC EXIT DEVICE, as the name suggests, is a device that can safely escape at the fire exit safety exit in an emergency, and has a security function at the same time. There are two types of PANIC EXIT DEVICE in the world: the American standard push lever type the and European standard down pressure type. Regular manufacturers will have fire inspection reports. At present, European standards and American standards are mostly used as references or used in architectural design and use. So what is the introduction and scope of PANIC EXIT DEVICE? Let's see together.

The following is a list of contents:

l Scope of use

l Fundamental needs

l Relevant Specifications

l Commodity composition

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Scope of use

PANIC EXIT DEVICE is suitable for dispersion doors (escape doors) such as swing doors, metal doors, framed glass doors, and fire doors. PANIC EXIT DEVICE is mainly used to protect emergency exits, shipping and receiving doors, security doors, internal access doors, etc. It has been widely used in airports with emergency exits, public transportation systems, banks, securities, command centers, hospitals, supermarkets, commercial office buildings, hotels, large shopping malls, municipal buildings, government agencies, etc.

Fundamental needs

1. PANIC EXIT DEVICE ensures that many people in the building can escape quickly and safely under fire and various emergencies;

2. PANIC EXIT DEVICE can escape from the door with one action, and the user can open it without the use of escape equipment.

Relevant Specifications

1. European norms EN1125, EN1634

2. American National Standard ANSIA156.3

3. Underwriters Laboratory Standard: UL10C

Commodity composition

A set of PANIC EXIT DEVICE mainly consists of three elements:

1. Lock tongue;

2. Push bar (or pressure bar): the length of the push bar or pressure bar should be greater than or equal to 2/3 of the door width;

3. Accessories outside the door: a handle without a locking function or a handle with a lock with a locking function (including a complete set of lock cylinder handles) can be selected according to specific needs or requirements, or not installed.

PANIC EXIT DEVICE is classified according to different methods and has different types: according to the function, there are emergency escape locks and fire escape locks, and the two are also very different; according to the appearance design, they are divided into push bar type (flat push type) and pressure rod type (down pressure type);

 according to the layout, it is divided into exposed lock type, mortise lock type, exposed bolt type, concealed bolt type, according to the number of lock points, there are single single-plantation, double point determination, and three clicks to confirm; according to whether it is an alarm, there are mechanical PANIC EXIT DEVICE and alarm PANIC EXIT DEVICE, and alarm PANIC EXIT DEVICE is divided into independent alarm escape locks, linkage alarm escape locks, access control alarm escape locks, and delayed alarm escape locks. The above is the introduction and scope of use of PANIC EXIT DEVICE. If you are interested inFIRE EXIT DEVICE, FIRE EXITBAR, or PANIC EXIT DEVICE, you can contact us, our website is I look forward to your arrival very much and hope to cooperate with you.

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