Information about PANIC TOUCH BAR
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Information about PANIC TOUCH BAR

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Information about PANIC TOUCH BAR

PANIC TOUCH BAR is divided into independent alarm escape lock, linkage alarm escape lock, access control alarm escape lock, and delay alarm escape lock. Next, let's take a look at the relevant information about PANIC TOUCH BAR.

Here is the content list:

  • The closing speed of PANIC TOUCH BAR

  • Use, maintenance, and repair of PANIC TOUCH BAR

The closing speed of PANIC TOUCH BAR

Adjust the closing speed of the PANIC TOUCH BAR as needed. Usually, PANIC TOUCH BAR has 2 speed regulating (throttle spool) screws. The upper adjustment screw is the first stage closing speed adjustment screw, and the lower adjustment screw is the second stage (usually 10°) door closing speed adjustment screw.

Use, maintenance, and repair of PANIC TOUCH BAR

1. When the newly installed PANIC TOUCH BAR is used for about one week to 10 days, all screws should be checked and tightened again. Use the hydraulic oil recommended by the manufacturer. For cold areas, use hydraulic oil with a low freezing point.

2. After the PANIC TOUCH BAR is put into use, it should be checked regularly. The inspection contents are: whether the mounting screws are loose or lost, whether the connecting arm is in contact with the door body or door frame, whether the door body is deformed or loose, and whether the door is closed. Whether the support guide is leaking oil, etc.

3. Usually the following problems will occur after using PANIC TOUCH BAR for some time:

4. The mounting screws are loose or missing, resulting in the PANIC TOUCH BAR not being in the correct installation position and the connecting arm being damaged; the buffering effect of the PANIC TOUCH BAR when it is closed becomes poor, resulting in the collision between the door and the door frame and the deformation of the door body; From the point of view, PANIC TOUCH BAR is a closed whole, and its quality is invisible from the appearance.

5. The most critical quality problem of PANIC TOUCH BAR is whether there is oil leakage because PANIC TOUCH BAR relies on the throttling of fluid in its internal hydraulic system to control the door closing process. Oil leakage means the failure of the hydraulic system, so the hydraulic pressure. The system is the only criterion that determines the service life of the PANIC TOUCH BAR.

6. The main reason for oil leakage is that the wear of the pinion support guide increases the clearance, the wear of the sealing ring causes the sealing effect to decrease, or the throttle valve core rotates counterclockwise away from the valve body when adjusting the buffer effect.

7. The reduction of the cushioning effect of the PANIC TOUCH BAR is caused by the entry of air caused by oil leakage or the increase in the clearance (throttling) between the guide cylinder of the rack and plunger and the valve body. Therefore, the quality and precision of the pinion, bearing guide material, heat treatment, and machining are very important. For the PANIC TOUCH BAR with a poor cushioning effect, throttling by adjusting the throttling spool alone cannot solve the problem fundamentally. The maintenance method must be adopted. If the oil leaks at the support guide, remove the support guide and check the condition of the sealing ring. If it is worn or aged, replace the sealing ring. If the clearance between the support guide and pinion shaft is too large, replace the support guide. If the guide cylinder of the rack and plunger is worn, the matching gap with the valve body increases, and the throttling effect is reduced. The rack and plunger can be removed and repaired by chrome plating on the surface. In addition, in the case of ensuring the buffering effect of PANIC TOUCH BAR, switching to a softer spring is also a method to reduce the impact force of the door on the door frame due to the deterioration of the buffering effect.

The above is the relevant information about PANIC TOUCH BAR. If you are interested in PANIC EXIT DEVICE, you can contact us. Our website is

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