Information about PANIC PUSH BAR
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Information about PANIC PUSH BAR

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Information about PANIC PUSH BAR

PANIC PUSH BAR can realize the functions of anti-theft, voice prompt, alarm, etc. It is mainly used in the escape doors of public places with high traffic flow, which has a lot of vital roles in our production life. Once a fire or fire emergency occurs in a public place, the control center will give the door lock a fire signal, and the voice alarm installed on the door lock will send out a voice alarm and siren sound of "This is an emergency exit, please evacuate quickly"; at the same time, the police light attached to the door lock will send out an optional laser flashing light. Next, let's take a look at the information about PANIC PUSH BAR.

Here is the content list:

  • Product Features

  • Product Type

  • Product Structure

Product Features

1、The door lock can be opened by simply pushing (pressing) the opening bar with the hand or any part of the body of the person using the PANIC PUSH BAR.

2、The front of the opening bar is printed with a light-storing self-luminous display sign so that even if there is a power failure in the building, it can still guide people to the exact location of the PANIC PUSH BAR and then escape.

3, PANIC PUSH BAR has an automatic locking function after each door closure: not only effectively prevents people from entering the building from the escape route, but also ensures that people in the building can easily enter the escape route, thus improving and ensuring the safety of the building and escape function.

4、User-set "access management" function: To facilitate different requirements for unified building management, the PANIC PUSH BAR can be set to a normally open (access) state or a normally locked state by the manager with the relevant tools pushing the push bar to start the door lock lever and using the relevant tools included with the product to counterclockwise. Turning the inner latch with the tool supplied with the product locks the latch in the normally open position (latch retracted); turning the inner latch clockwise resets the latch to the normally locked position. Because the PANIC PUSH BAR is structurally sound, there is no need to worry about misuse or intentional actions by non-management personnel.

Product Type

The PANIC PUSH BAR is available in single-opening and double-opening versions. Double-opening doors can be selected from single-opening locks with a world lock, or with a double-door device. Either way can make double doors open at the same time. In addition, the push bar escape lock is divided into alarm and non-alarm functions. (i.e. the lock body has an alarm sound).

Product Structure

1、PANIC PUSH BAR always open outside; double doors, open the door in any order.

2, PANIC PUSH BAR completely mechanical structure, the product drive is not subject to any external factors.

3, PANIC PUSH BAR inside the door: push bar type escape lock body; PANIC PUSH BAR outside the door: with key insurance lock.

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