How to maintain Exit Device?
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How to maintain Exit Device?

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How to maintain Exit Device?

When it comes to door security, exit devices are an essential component. Often referred to as ‘panic bars’, these devices enable quick, smooth, and safe egress in the event of an emergency. Aside from being easy to use, exit devices also offer superior security, making them a popular choice for businesses, schools, and other public spaces.

  • Regular lubrication of the exit device

  • Periodic inspection of the hardware

  • Frequent adjustment of the latch and strike

  • Check the strength of the mounting screws

Regular lubrication of the device

Regular lubrication of the exit device is an important aspect of ensuring it functions properly and safely. To ensure that the device remains in good working order, it is important to lubricate the components on a regular basis. We recommend using a dry lubricant, such as graphite, to lubricate the mechanism. Apply a light coat of lubricant to the moving parts of the device, such as the latch, strike plate, and hinges. Additionally, if the exit device is used in an outdoor setting, it is important to inspect the device on a regular basis and reapply the lubricant as needed.

Periodic inspection of the hardware

The periodic inspection of the hardware is an essential part of maintaining an exit device. This should include a visual inspection of all components, and a check of the operation. The inspection should include the door and frame, the locks, bolts, hinges, strike plates, and any other hardware components. The hardware should be checked for signs of wear or damage, and any necessary repairs should be made. The hardware should also be tested to ensure it is functioning correctly, and that it is meeting all applicable safety standards.

Frequent adjustment of the latch and strike

Exit devices should be routinely inspected and maintained to ensure they are in proper working order. One important part of this maintenance is to regularly check and adjust the latch and strike. The latch is the part of the exit device that locks and unlocks when the push bar is pressed. The strike is the piece of metal on the door frame that the latch engages when the door is closed. To ensure proper operation, the latch should be adjusted so that it is aligned with the strike and engages securely when the door is closed. Additionally, the strike should be checked to make sure that it is securely attached to the door frame and that the latch engages with it when the door is closed.

Check the strength of the mounting screws

Proper maintenance of an exit device is important for a business’s safety and security. One of the steps in this maintenance is to check the strength of the mounting screws. Depending on the type of exit device, the screws should be checked for tightness and replaced if needed. This simple step can help ensure the exit device is securely attached to the door and will not break away easily in the event of a forced entry attempt. Additionally, it reduces the chances of accidental disengagement due to weakened screws. Checking the mounting screws regularly will help ensure your business remains secure.

It is important to regularly inspect and test the exit device, as well as to ensure that all moving parts are in good condition. Furthermore, it is essential to replace any components that are malfunctioning or damaged in order to ensure proper functioning. Quality is always DOORCARE HARDWARE’s main goal, meanwhile we guarantee the quality and offer good after-sales service.

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